1. UHC will suspend all non-essential medical services from 7/4/2020 through 1/6/2020.
2. All visitors to UHC will need to wear their own mask.  
3. For our patients with chronic conditions, UHC will be conducting tele-consultations.

If you need a refill of a pre-existing prescription
Please email [email protected]  and we will arrange a time for collection.

If you do not have a prescription
Please email [email protected] and we will arrange a tele-consultation with your doctor.
For collection of medication and payment, please go directly to Green Zone pharmacy and cashier.

Examples of Non-essential Services
  1. Aesthetic services
  2. Community outreach activities
  3. Management of stable sports medicine related conditions
  4. Skin conditions which are stable on long term follow up
  5. Stable ENT conditions and elective ENT procedures such as septoplasty
  6. Screening / surveillance services including scopes
  7. Adult vaccination, including influenza vaccination
  8. Well women services
  9. Statutory health assessments e.g. driving license, foreign domestic workers, employment pass etc
  10. Medical examinations e.g. pre-admission, staff employment, etc
For further updates, please refer to MOH's website.
Pre-Admission Medical Screenings 

In light of the COVID-19 situation, appointments for pre-admission medical screenings will be delayed.
Please check our website for regular updates.

We apologise for the inconvenience and seek your understanding during this unique climate. 


Student Insurance

For student insurance matters including medical, travel or COVID-19 coverage, please refer to this page.

Learn how to put on a surgical mask properly along with the proper way on how to wash your hands.

How Can We Help You Today?

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