Academic Calendar

The standard academic calendar* consists of two semesters and a special term. Each semester normally includes 13 weeks of instruction and 2 weeks of examinations. The special term takes place during the Semester 2 vacation period. It comprises two parts, each of which lasts 6 weeks and is inclusive of an examination period.

The table below presents the basic chronological structure of the two main semesters in any academic year.

Recurring events in chronological order Duration Remarks
Semester 1 Semester 2
Orientation Week 1 week -- Commences on first Monday of August each year.
The academic year starts off with the Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony.
Instructional Period -- part 1 6 weeks 6 weeks In Semester 1, this starts in the week immediately following Orientation Week.
For Semester 2, this commences on the second Monday of January each year**.
Recess Week 1 week 1 week From Saturday to the following Sunday.
Instructional Period -- part 2 7 weeks 7 weeks Classes resume on Monday immediately following the Recess Week.
Reading Week 1 week 1 week Lasts from Saturday of the final week of the preceding Instructional Period to Friday the following week.
Examination 2 weeks 2 weeks Starts on the Saturday immediately following Reading Week.
Total Duration 18 weeks 17 weeks  
Vacation 5 weeks 12-13 weeks For Semester 1, this is during December to early January.
For Semester 2, this goes from May through July. The 2-part Special Term takes place during this vacation period, with each part being 6 weeks long.

* The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry operate on a slightly different academic calendar structure.

** The University may start Semester 2 on the third Monday of January as deemed necessary in some years to maintain a 5-week vacation in December/January.

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