The NUS Global Relations Office (GRO) fosters partnerships with premier institutions around the world to enhance NUS’ standing as a world-class institution. In tandem with NUS’ vision of becoming a leading global university centred in Asia, GRO has developed meaningful international engagements with many peer institutions and fostered interactions and collaborations in education, research and technology that benefit our students, staff and stakeholders.

Our partners are higher education leaders from all over the world, with whom we share international standards and best practices in order to foster a sustained culture of excellence on our own campus. Besides the Student Exchange Programme (SEP), GRO also works with NUS Faculties and Schools on other overseas attachments, including International Summer Programmes (i-SP), International Research Attachment Programmes (i-RAP) and Study Trips for Engagement and EnRichment (STEER).

Our Mission

Foster closer international partnerships for transformative global engagement

Our Vision

NUS - The leading university for quality student engagement and partnerships globally

Core Values

S ervice to students, stakeholders and partners

P assion and integrity in all that we undertake

A dvancement of our university vision – A leading global university centred in Asia, influencing the future

R elationships of value

K eys to the world

Strategic Thrusts

P romote the NUS brand name internationally

R aise the global awareness of NUS students and staff

I dentify partnerships for a transformative global experience

D evelop international programmes for our students, staff and partners with the support of NUS Faculties/Schools and Departments

E ngage NUS faculty and staff to enhance processes and services that facilitate international activities on NUS’ campuses

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